Our partners over at Art21 have released their mini documentary about the Cathedral's new Now and Forever windows, and it's worth 10 minutes of your time.

The crew from Art21 followed artist Kerry James Marshall throughout the creation of the new stained glass windows, and talked to him about his approach as an artist, and what he hopes the windows can do:

“Formally, the movement from the bottom to the top is really important because it’s like down here on the ground in the crucible where all of these sort of needs and desires are fought for is where the heat is always generated. And as we achieve more of the kinds of ideal conditions we look for, it requires less of that kind of energy and agitation.

Although in the upper part, there’s a kind of oscillating back-and-forth dynamic between the colors and the whiteness of some of the glass shapes so that even in that upper part that seems chromatically more tranquil, there’s still an incredible amount of energy and back and forth going on. I wanted that too, that achievement doesn’t necessarily mean complacency.”

You can read more about the windows, the history and the entire project here.

Kevin Eckstrom

Chief Public Affairs Officer

  • architecture
  • racial justice