Utah recently unveiled a new state flag, and today we unfurled it in the Cathedral nave.

The new Utah flag, unveiled last year, features a modern take on the state’s previous banner. According to state officials, the blue banner at the top represents “Utah’s wide-open skies and our lakes, as well as core principles such as faith, knowledge, freedom, optimism, and tradition.” The white mountain peaks represent snow and the state’s eight Tribal nations, and the red notch along the bottom is a a nod to the state’s famous red canyons.

The most distinctive feature is the hexagon shape in the middle, symbolizing a honeycomb, which nurtures the state’s most famous symbol, the beehive, which represents community and industry and a nod to the state’s Mormon pioneers.

It went up just in time for tonight’s program on restoring civility in American politics with Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, joined by Maryland Gov. Wes Moore. Any Marylander will tell you that their distinctive flag isn’t going anywhere.

The flag joins the banners of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the four U.S. territories, hanging from the Cathedral’s triforium level. The most recent change was Mississippi’s flag, and coming up soon: likely Minnesota, Massachusetts and possibly others.



Kevin Eckstrom

Chief Public Affairs Officer

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