Ten years ago, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, a rare 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattled the eastern United States and caused $34 million in damage to Washington National Cathedral.

In the decade since Aug. 23, 2011, we’ve completed approximately $15 million in repairs, working from the inside out. This crown jewel of the D.C. skyline can only be fully restored as donations from people like you are raised to finish the work.

Learn more about the damage, the repairs and the work yet to be done and how you can be a part of returning this national treasure back to its original glory!


Earthquake Progress Update

Half Way There!

We’re about half-way through repairs to fix damage from the 2011 earthquake. The newest edition of Cathedral Age includes an update about substantial progress along the Cathedral’s south side – and a preview of the hard and expensive work remaining.

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10 years ago

Looking Back on the Earthquake

Browse the Cathedral Age special edition from 2011 with images and details about the earthquake and the immediate aftermath.

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Repair Schemas


Restoration work 2014–2020

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North Elevation Repairs

Restoration work 2014–2018

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South Elevation Repairs

Restoration Work 2014–2020

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help restore the glory

Make a Preservation Gift

“No matter how large or small your gift is, we are going to be good stewards of your money. You’re giving to put this building back together, and it allows us to continue our craft to the highest levels, as good as those who came before us, so that our nation can enjoy the Cathedral for generations to come.” —Head Stone Mason Joe Alonso

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Earthquake Repair Timelapse

Check out how earthquake restoration workers dismantle 40,000 pounds of stone and hitch a crane ride down to the ground with an Old Testament prophet.

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