Experience the Wonder

Built over 83 years of construction, Washington National Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece designed to point eyes and hearts toward things above. It’s a thoroughly American interpretation of 14th Century English Gothic, assembled using Old World techniques to nurture a mission for the 21st Century.

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Where History Comes Alive

George Washington and Maj. Pierre L’Enfant cast the original vision for a unifying “great church for national purposes” in the early days of the republic, though it was another century before the first stones were set. As a house of prayer for all people, the Cathedral’s walls are strong enough to contain the emotions of the country at times of great joy and great sorrow.

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Living Stones in Each Generation

A rare 2011 earthquake rattled the stones of the Cathedral, causing $34 million in damage and returning scaffolding to the highest parts of the building. Utilizing both cutting-edge technology and medieval techniques, we are returning the Cathedral to its pristine glory, block by block. But we’ll need your help to finish the job.

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