Restore us, O Lord, as we call on Your name. Revive us, and we shall be saved for we are parched and thirst for Your joy and peace. As we anticipate the coming of our Lord, may Your face shine upon us. May we remember that Your Son overcame the world so that we are no longer shackled by the world but heirs to Your kingdom. It is Your love that has done great things in our lives to make Yourself known to us. During Advent, we celebrate with gratitude the coming of Your Son sent forth to redeem those who were under the law that we might receive the adoption as sons. What more can Your servant say, Lord, for your unfailing love?

With thankfulness, may we prepare our hearts and minds for the One, the Keeper of our hope, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Readings: Psalms 80:3, 18-19; II Samuel 7:20-21; Galatians 4:4-5, 7