“Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.”
— Isaac Watts

Entering into the preparation time, waiting and working with the energy of human love, for the coming of the Light of Life, Jesus, is doing the work of God. This Advent, let us consider the term that Sister Donald used, at the Benedictine Symposium held this month at our sister parish of St. Albans.  Sister Donald encouraged us to consider restoring the meaning of “Holy Humanitas.”  In the rules of Benedictine communities, doing the work of God includes both individual or personal love energy, and also participating in or sharing with others in Christ’s Divine Love. The breath of life meant breathing in the Word of God in shared disciplines of study and worship, and breathing out the acts of loving awareness of each other in the daily work in Community. How people matured by this system is ideally understood as evidence of the presence of Holy Trinity at work in restoring fallen humanity.

Creative working for good means overcoming our fears, our shame and denial of our guilt, as God continues to bring us stepwise into the fullness of His Incarnation in each person, as new and renewed Love energy arises among us. “By their love,” you will know the Spirit of Jesus’ love in the other person, not in your opinion of them.
Jesus heals us, by His radiant love.  His divine love is like the energy that has been discovered in Uranium. Humans have discovered that luminescent glow and put it to use: for destructive purposes, as in the bomb used in war, but also, as energy that heals diseases. The latter has begun a whole new era, where putting it to peaceful use stirs our hope for curing disease, and for making our life easier, at least in the modern societies.  It has a dangerous energy, and must be harnessed for good.

Love energy, like that hidden force in ancient rocks which were once under-valued, is found in vulnerable human compassion and generous caring for others as for ourselves.  Yes, we fear to love as we have been loved by God’s mercy, but with the radiance, in the Love and tenderness of Jesus, restorative and not punitive justice is possible. We are realizing this Love is active among us.  Our choices for action, our quality of love count.  We are participants in the transforming Love power that Jesus’ resurrection made and reactivated again in saving us from our unbelief and despair.  Love so amazing, so Divine, makes us respond, and become who we really are, it demands my all.

Jesus’ desire for our goodness to be realized is what the Incarnation means.  We pay the price of suffering, when we refuse His grace, and do not love as He loves us.  Only God can keep the unity in Love, and give us peace, as Jesus gave to his disciples, who were first fearful, but then understood, and recognized, “it is the Lord.” Whole people, who use the Faith they have, can do the impossible, and see the invisible, and participate in this Holy mystery of birthing the tender lovingkindness of God’s forgiving us and healing us, one by one, in this life, and the next.

Our first step is to accept our part, to enter in. In like manner to the rediscovery of the energy of Uranium’s incandescent glow that set off a new power in the modern age, so, too, is the power of Love being restored to Sacred Humanitas.  For those who receive Him, Jesus gives them power to become who they really are, as God sees us: names written in the Book of Life, as God loved us, and made us in the beginning.  We are His Sacred Humanitas.