Advent: the definition in Webster’s New World Dictionary is “a coming or arriving.” I also think of Advent as a time of waiting. I am not one who likes to wait in long lines, or wait forever for the subway to come, but during Advent I become particularly good at waiting. For at the end of this waiting is something wonderful. When this was first explained to me by Sister Grace Marie when I was seven, I felt something stir in my heart. Ever since then, Jesus and I have been best friends. So, in waiting for his arrival at the end of December, I prepare the house and make it festive by putting up the tree, putting lights on the house, doing things of that nature as I would for any very special guest. And most importantly, I clean out the cobwebs in my mind and empty my heart of everything extraneous. That way, the little baby born on Christmas day can, again, stir my heart as He did when I was a little girl.

Waiting for Christmas is a magical time for me. And as Tiny Tim said in A Christmas Carol, “God Bless us everyone.” May it be magical for you, too.