Members of the Cathedral Congregation, Cathedral clergy, and staff offer a meditation each day during Advent.

Advent 1

Kathy Deal: Advent can provide a space to pay attention to new life stirring within us. How might we use these weeks

Advent 2

William Aram Kachadorian: Apparently, sacred music was enough part of him even to make while in a war-zone.

Advent 3

Maggie Gunther Osborn: What am I to do during the Advent season to prepare for the Lord when I am struggling...

Advent 4

Steve S. Sin: In fact, God was always there showing me the way. It was just that I was not listening to Him.

Advent 5

Gabe Kajeckas: What bound the early Christian community together was that amazing Resurrection story

Advent 6

Rachel Cuba: My interior looks a lot like yours and because of that we are so similar and almost the same.

Advent 7

Julie Collins: God can do with us more than we can ask or imagine, “for nothing will be impossible for God.”

Advent 8

E. Claire Jerry: It ought to be easier for us, for me, to wait than it was for our spiritual ancestors.

Advent 9

Shanda Cooper: Teach me, O Lord, and I will give thanks to you and tell of all your marvelous works...

Advent 10

Ethan Bishop-Henchman: We have given our society the Christmas season. It is our duty to remember Advent.

Advent 11

Lynne Parta: We know He is alive, and among us, for we have seen Him and recognized His Truth.

Advent 12

Matthew J. Eldred: We must be the hands and feet of Christ to bring about that righteous Kingdom of Christ.

Advent 13

Xavia Arndt Sheffield: Even religious people can grow weary in their waiting. Do you get tired of waiting?

Advent 14

Charlotte McKnight: We can remind ourselves that Advent is about waiting patiently for a miracle to be born...

Advent 15

Andrew Nemo Chen: Don’t let the Christmas frenzy squeeze away the precious four weeks of Advent.

Advent 16

Paula B. Mays: We know the gift will be wonderful, but we wait eagerly with anticipation for the gift to be revealed.

Advent 17

Pamn Klinedinst: I am truly able to say that I live a life of gratitude and that has made all the difference.

Advent 18

Jessica Cain: But out of the darkness, Love’s light breaks through the blackest night like a star glimmering high...

Advent 19

Lora Bingaman: With each new day, we are given the opportunity to renew our faith in Christ and demonstrate it...

Advent 20

Catherine Able-Thomas: It is also a time of dread and nervous anticipation of what the coming year will bring.

Advent 21

Cammy Canedo: It is far easier to be discontent with what we have and where we are, than it is to be grateful.

Advent 22

Tommy W. Lee: Advent comes during the ending of a calendar year and the beginning of a new one—no surprising news.

Advent 23

The Rev. Sally Slater: Christmas also reminds us that we are called to generously and unconditionally share...

Advent 24

John Prochilo: And I am thankful for the reason why we gather at this time of the year, Jesus’ birth.

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