Washington, DC – Two of America’s best-known faith leaders will engage in a conversation about how we can bridge the divides in our country and find ways to move forward together Friday, November 20, 2020, at 11:00 AM ET. The Washington National Cathedral and the National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD) are convening Bishop Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church and Dr. Russell Moore, Executive Director of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, just days before Thanksgiving, and shortly after a very difficult national election. The event is open to both the public and press via livestream and coverage is invited.

The moderator will be the author and public radio producer Krista Tippett, awarded the National Humanities Medal for her writing and broadcasts on religion, also a Peabody Award winner and a three-time Webby recipient.

These two top Christian leaders, Bishop Curry and Dr. Moore, who represent denominations with different theological and cultural perspectives, will share their personal views and examine areas of common ground. As part of the discussion, they will explore some of the key ethical teachings of their faiths (i.e. the Golden Rule, forgiveness, humility) and look at ways these teachings are relevant to the task of creating understanding and reconciliation between Americans of different political views.

“The path to healing the divisions in our country may not always be easy, but it is needed now more than ever,” says Randy Hollerith, Dean of Washington National Cathedral. “We are called to be repairers of the breach – in our own lives and in our relationships with our fellow citizens. Our faith traditions have much wisdom to offer, and we look forward to this conversation and the light that these faithful leaders will lend to those of us finding our way.”

Keith Allred, Executive Director of the NICD and Founder of Common Sense American, previews the virtual discussion, observing, “Most Americans are not as divided as the current narrative would have us believe. This conversation between respected national faith leaders reminds us that among our important differences, we cherish common values and are one country. By building understanding and relationships across our differences, we believe that the American people can be our saving grace.”

For more information, visit: https://goldenrule2020.org/faith-compassion-healing-national-divides/ 

To view the conversation live, please contact Matt Landini at Bluelight Strategies [email protected] (202) 713-9640 cell or Tony Franquiz at West End Strategy [email protected] (202) 374-5393

About the Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral holds a unique place at the intersection of sacred and civic life. As the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, we strive to serve God and our neighbors as agents of reconciliation, a trusted voice of moral leadership and a sacred space where the country gathers during moments of national significance. Grounded in the reconciling love of Jesus Christ, Washington National Cathedral is a house of prayer for all people, conceived by our founders to serve as a great church for national purposes.

About the National Institute for Civil Discourse

The National Institute for Civil Discourse, is a non-profit, non-partisan institute based at the University of Arizona dedicated to promote healthy and civil political debate and motivated by the belief that people with different values and political preferences can discuss their differences in a civil and productive manner. In 2019 NICD convened leaders of 20 national denominations to discuss concern about the polarization and incivility that is tearing the country apart. Out of that convening a joint program, Golden Rule 2020 was created to invite Americans of faith to practice the Golden Rule in their political interactions.