When we say that Jesus’ resurrection liberates us from sin and death, we mean at least two things. First, we mean that we’ve been set free from sin and its power. That doesn’t make us immediately perfect or pure, but it does mean that who we are is finally good. We are set free from the power of sin, so we are able now to live lives of hope and compassion and grace. The kind of life that Jesus lived is now open and available to all.

The resurrection of Jesus also frees us from the power of death. Even after a lifetime of serving the church, I don’t know precisely what that means. But I do know that just as God and Jesus stand with me in my woundedness, and just as they accompany me in my joyfulness, so they will accompany me as I pass from this life to the next. And it means that God will use me to God’s own loving purposes as the cosmic drama of love and redemption goes forth.

At Easter we are set free from sin. At Easter we are set free from death. God’s most characteristic trait is the power to surprise. Read Dean Hall’s full Easter sermon »

SOURCE: Washington National Cathedral