WASHINGTON (June 27, 2019) Washington National Cathedral, joining Beauvoir, National Cathedral School and St. Albans School, on Thursday released a summary of the findings of this year’s independent investigation into past cases of sexual misconduct by adults against children at our institutions.

In announcing the release, Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde wrote:

“At the beginning of this investigation, I shared my hope that our efforts would help to heal the wounds of those who have suffered abuse.”

“Although I am relieved that the investigation did not find any current issues of sexual misconduct by adults against students, … I am deeply troubled by the investigation’s findings about sexual misconduct from decades past.”

“I am deeply grateful for all those who came forward to tell their stories, and for the leaders of the Cathedral Close who have worked tirelessly to face the truth of our past with transparency and a common commitment for the well-being of all children entrusted to our care.”

Letters from Bishop Budde, the leaders of all four institutions and a summary of findings can be found here.