Take your kids on a scavenger hunt!

Download the guide with clues for finding images in stained glass windows, wrought iron animals, tiny carvings and gargoyles.


Additional Kid-friendly Activities

Listen to the Bells

12:30–1:15 pm (except the Saturday before Easter). Peal bells are rung on Tuesday evenings from 7–9 pm and Sundays after the 11:15 am service (usually at 12:30 pm).

Visit the Children’s Chapel

Designed for a 6-year-old, this small and fanciful chapel features a pint-sized pipe organ, needlepoint kneelers with animals and flowers, and images of the young Jesus teaching in the Temple. The intricately carved ceiling was lowered to allow our younger visitors to appreciate the details.

Explore the Bishop’s Garden

Located on the south side of the Cathedral, this special garden includes plants found in medieval gardens, plants native to the area, and plants referenced by the Bible. Pack a picnic, smell the flowers and herbs, listen to the fountains, and watch koi fish swim in the pond.

Discover Bethlehem Chapel

This lower-level chapel is filled with images of the nativity and the Christmas holiday. Find wise men, camels, stars, and animals in the needlepoint kneelers hanging behind the chairs, and shown in the stone carving behind the altar.

Find Darth Vader

Pack your binoculars and look up to the northwest tower to find Star Wars’ most famous villain. Installed in 1986 as part of a children’s design competition, the Darth Vader grotesque keeps company with a carved raccoon on the north, dark, side of the Cathedral.

Visit the Crèche Exhibit

During Advent and Christmas, come see the Cathedral’s annual exhibit of nativity scenes from around the world. Crèches are on display from late November to early January.

Listen to the Great Organ

On most Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30–1:00 pm, a Cathedral organist gives a short talk about the Cathedral’s Great Organ, followed by a mini-recital.

Visit the Beauvoir Playground

Experience one of Washington’s most creative and adventurous playgrounds at Beavoir, the Cathedral’s elementary school. Race down a zip line, speed down a giant slide and explore all manner of creativity. Beauvoir Outdoors is open to the community after school and on the weekends. On days when school or camp is not in session, the playground is open for use all day. More info.