The Rev. Canon James C. Fenhagen

Former Warden of the College of Preachers

The Governing Board of the College of Preachers approved the Rev. James Corner Fenhagen II as warden of the College, effective October 1, 2001. He held the position until his retirement in the fall of 2004. Fenhagen passed away on April 5, 2012. A nationally esteemed church leader and theological educator, Fenhagen is probably best known for his fourteen-year tenure (1978–1992) as dean and president of the General Theological Seminary in New York City, where, in addition to administrative responsibilities, he taught subjects related to Christian spirituality and the practice of ministry. Fenhagen was also a fellow and past faculty member of the College of Preachers.

Ordained in 1954, Fenhagen served both rural and urban Episcopal congregations in Maryland, South Carolina, and the District of Columbia before becoming Director of Christian Education for the Diocese of Washington, D.C., and later director of the Church and Ministry Program at Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut. Following his tenure as dean of General Theological Seminary, he directed the Cornerstone Project of the Episcopal Church Foundation. Virginia Theological Seminary, the University of the South, and Washington and Lee University have awarded him honorary doctor of divinity degrees. His publications include More Than Wanderers, Mutual Ministry, Ministry and Solitude, Invitation to Holiness, and Ministry for a New Time.

Fenhagen succeeded the Rev. Canon Erica B. Wood, a recognized leader in the life of the College and Cathedral Close who served as warden for ten years.

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