Advent Bible Study: John’s Letters to Christian Communities

Sunday, December 3, 2017 | 10:15am

We are fairly familiar with the letters of St. Paul, but not so with regard to the three letters written by John (whose actual identity is debated, though he could very well have been the writer of the Gospel of John).

All three letters are relatively brief.  Still, writing about John’s first letter, the great spiritual reformer John Wesley wrote, “How plain, how full, and deep a compendium of genuine Christianity!”  In line with the traditions that produced the Gospel of John, this epistle contains key confessions in the early Church about the nature of God, Christ and Christian responsibility.  The central theme in the First Epistle is love. As St. Augustine wrote, “[John] said many things, and nearly everything was about charity (love).  The one who has it in himself to listen must certainly rejoice at what he hears.”  One of those passages that inspires spiritual rejoicing is the reflection on the importance of love in Chapter 4.

Consisting of only five chapters, three sessions of 45 – 55 minutes each should allow for a good study of the text of the First Epistle, along with the very brief second and third letters (one chapter each).

We are offering this Advent Bible study during the interval between Sunday services at 10:15–11 am so that congregation members and guests from both services may find these sessions convenient to attend.  Our series begins on December 3.

It is highly recommended that participants bring along their Bible (any version).  Sessions will be facilitated by the Reverend Dr. Harvey Bale, long active as a congregation member and Bible leader (M.A. degree in Biblical Studies from Virginia Theological Seminary).  He recently was ordained a Deacon in the Episcopal Church.

Dates: Sundays, December 3, 10, 17
Time: 10:15–11 am
Location: S-4
Facilitator: The Rev. Dr. Harvey Bale

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