Acts of the Apostles: a theological action story!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 | 7:00pm

The evangelist Luke wrote an epic about God’s saving actions through Jesus Christ in two parts.  The first—Luke's Gospel—is about the life, death and teachings of Jesus; and the second—the Book of the Acts of the Apostles—concerns the historical actions of the church after Jesus’ resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

During Lent many among us studied Luke's Gospel. We now move on to study, reflect and discuss the book of the Acts of the Apostles. The key actors in the Acts (the Holy Spirit, Peter, Paul, Stephen, Priscilla, Philip, Barnabas, Luke) drive the movement of the Church from Jerusalem to the heart of the Empire, Rome. Acts is a theological action story! Peter and Paul travel, get arrested, escape, teach, debate, baptize and, of course, pray. The Acts story is so exciting that Hollywood has just released a new full-length film in theaters across the country entitled “Paul the Apostle.” You might want to see that film and then join in and discuss the “real” story!

All are invited to join on Wednesday evenings, 7 pm–8:30 pm, April 18, 25 and May 2 and (if needed) May 9.  You need only to bring a Bible, whatever version. Led by Cathedral Deacon, the Rev. Dr. Harvey Bale.

For those participating, the scheduled reading of Acts for each of the four sessions is as follows:

  • April 18 (Acts 1:1–8:40)
  • April 25 (Acts 9:1–16:10)
  • May 2 (Acts 16:11–23:30)
  • May 9 (Acts 23:31–28:31)

Registration required: email [email protected]

Image credit: Paul's conversion, from Livre d'Heures d'Étienne Chevalier (c. 1450–1460), Jean Fouquet, in the Château de Chantilly. Public Domain

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