UPDATE | May 17, 2017

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde announced at Diocesan Convention in early 2017 that she and Dean Randy Hollerith would appoint a task force to explore the role of the Washington National Cathedral in the life of our diocese, the wider church, and the nation. The task force is now hard at work.

The task force convened in April, where we got to know each other over a meal hosted by the Bishop and the Dean. The group established a meeting schedule and has created three sub-groups: one focused on the Cathedral and its history and mission; one on the relationship between the Cathedral and its public role; and one on the Cathedral and its ecclesiastical role. It is anticipated that each subgroup will identify interested and knowledgeable parties, and conduct in-depth interviews.

These conversations aim to explore:

  • the many facets of the Cathedral, including how it can remain true to its founding charter as a house of prayer for all people and a church set aside for national purposes
  • how it should engage in public prayer, public theology and gospel-based advocacy without being captive to partisan ideologies.

The interviews will occur over the course of the early and mid-summer, and we plan to hold listening sessions in the diocese to gather insight, concerns, and suggestions from diocesan leaders. These sessions should be in the fall of 2017. Over the winter, the group will aggregate our findings, distill and combine them, and publish them to the Dean, and the Bishop, the Cathedral Chapter, Diocese of Washington, and their leadership and the wider church leadership.

Throughout this process, the task force will provide updates on our work. There will be many opportunities for interfacing with the group over the next year, most importantly at the listening sessions.

If you would like to communicate to task force directly, please feel free to do so. Please send messages or articles of interest to [email protected]. And of course, please keep our group in your prayers.


From the Bishop

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