A Community Effort

Thanks to all who have contributed their thoughts and reflections about the new windows. The process to remove and install new windows at the Cathedral has been all about community: building it, sustaining it, expanding it. It’s about telling a broad and inclusive story where everyone is included, and casting a vision for America where everyone belongs.

That’s where you come in.

This is just the beginning of the process, and we want to keep hearing from you. We hope you’ll continue to be engaged with us in the ongoing work of building God’s Beloved Community. The Cathedral is a House of Prayer for All People, and that includes you.

Traveling Stanzas Community Poem

Share your voice by contributing to a community poem with Traveling Stanzas, an initiative of the Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University, in collaboration with the Cathedral’s Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage.

What does justice look like to you? What can you envision for the future? What do you want to see? Share your story of justice in words, images, and reflections. Contribute to the community poem here.

Draw Your Story: Augmented Reality Experience

View within the app of a “Draw Your Story” window.

All stained glass windows tell stories. We invite you to use our augmented reality app to share the story you would tell in a window as part of our Now and Forever Windows project. Whether at home or during your next visit, design your own windows and see what your window would look like installed!

  1. Download the app (at this time, it’s only available to iOS users)
  2. Use the blank windows template and draw your story!
    • At the Cathedral, grab a template as you enter the main level and draw your design.
    • At home, download your own template. Print and draw your design, or draw digitally.
  3. Using the app, take a photo of your design.
  4. Also using the app, hold up your phone or tablet to the targeting image to see your design come to life.

Add your email to stay in touch about future Now and Forever Windows programs and other Racial Justice opportunities at the Cathedral.

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