*noun. I’m/We’re part of the
Cathedral Family.

We belong! It’s that simple.

And yes, “to belong” is also a verb, especially when the subject it refers to in a sentence—or in one’s life—is God. This is the good news we hear from St. Paul in his letter to the Church at Corinth. God has generously called us as the body of Christ.

Together, we, as the Cathedral Congregation, are building God’s beloved community here in this place. Through our collective witness and ministry, God’s love flows from us to our neighbors and to the world.

Sustaining this ministry financially is our collective responsibility. As we enter a season of prayerful reflection on supporting our beloved community, we celebrate the many gifts we have by belonging to our Cathedral family. In joyful thanksgiving for these and God’s many other blessings, we’re called to share of the financial abundance God has shared with us.

For our Cathedral to continue its powerful witness to God’s love for the world, we must fund the stone and mortar, the beautiful worship and the life-changing ministries that exist solely because we are called to praise God and feed Jesus’ sheep. If we are to seek and serve Christ in all persons and love our neighbors as ourselves (bcp 1979, 305), we must joyfully give back a portion, not of our own, but of God’s bounty.

We, therefore, invite you to join us in making a meaningful financial commitment to our collective work of building up the church and its work in service to God’s creation. God provides us generously with the resources to do what God calls us to do. Let us trust and celebrate this!

Faithfully yours,

­—Anne Stubbs & Jeff Taggart
Stewardship Committee co-chairs


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Ministry Minute

During our Celebration Season, Congregation members share what Belonging means to them, and why they support the Cathedral Family’s ministry through their financial commitment.

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October 29: Chris Cannedy,
Congregation Member

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Your generosity is vital.

As members of the body of Christ, we belongbelong to God, to this Cathedral Church and to each other. A sense of belonging binds us together and makes our worship and pastoral care moments more meaningful. It also makes our presence in the world more impactful. It is our privilege to belong to the Congregation of this Cathedral. It is also our responsibility to support its prophetic voice to the world and the healing balm it provides for our nation.

As members of the Congregation, we must do our part to sustain the mission and ministries of our spiritual home. Most of these ministries are obvious—our moving worship, our world-class music, our outreach to the community through groups like our Martha’s Table Ministry—but others are not, such as the nurture and support of our Cathedral Scholars or the friendly welcome and cup of coffee for a visitor who traveled across the country to worship with us.

We’re asking you to trust that God will provide for your needs, just as you provide for the needs of our Cathedral and its family. Living generously means living into your faith and trusting that your sacrificial giving will not put you in a bind, but instead be rewarded in unimaginable ways. The theology of stewardship is a relationship between people who bring the full resources of their combined humanity to the table and who share them generously.

Join us this year in equipping the saints (you and me!) for the works of ministry. Every gift counts, every pledge makes a difference, every commitment builds up the body of Christ. When we give, we discover that life is holy. What a great gift it is to share of God’s abundance . . . thanks be to God!

Where are you in your calling to meaningful financial stewardship?

We all find ourselves in stages, and whether it’s a period of abundance or a period of challenge, our circumstances are unique. The key to living a financially generous life is prayerful and thoughtful discernment and trust in God’s will for your life. When you give, the act of giving will sustain you, renew you and bless you.

The Cathedral Family

Where are you in your calling to meaningful financial stewardship?

I have prayed about my commitment to the Cathedral family and find myself ready to make a year-long financial commitment in writing.

I have prayed about my commitment to the Cathedral family and find myself ready to make a year-long financial commitment in writing.

The Cathedral family is my spiritual home and I am prepared to stretch to make an impactful financial commitment to grow our ministry.

An important part of living into my spirituality and being a member of the Cathedral family is committing to give 10% or more of my income to support our ministry. Investing in the future of our work together is vitally important to my calling as a Christian.

Next Steps

Through the month of October, we will celebrate what it means to belong to God’s beloved community. On Celebration Sunday, November 5, we will have an “in-gathering” of our commitment cards during each worship service, and a special thanksgiving coffee hour celebration following each service.

We encourage you to spend the weeks leading up to Celebration Sunday prayerfully reflecting on your pledge gift for the coming year. Then, complete the Commitment Card and bring it with you on November 5.

Can’t attend Celebration Sunday?

We encourage you to place the commitment card in the plate on a Sunday leading up to October 29, or return it by mail:

Washington National Cathedral
Attn: Development
3101 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016-5098


Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

via email: Joe Swimmer  |  Vicar Dana
via phone: (202) 537-6200

Save the Date

Celebration Sunday
Sunday, November 5, 2017

Celebrate with us!

During each of the morning services (8:00, 9:00 and 11:15) we will hold a special in-gathering of commitment cards. The celebration continues with a thanksgiving coffee hour following each service.