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A piece of stone dislodged from the southwest pinnacle of the south transept struck this gargoyle and “decapitated” it. The head is currently held in place only by the drainpipe that runs through the gargoyle to expel rainwater. Because of its location, the loose head cannot be retrieved.

In the photo to the right, beyond the gargoyle, the top portion of a buttress pinnacle was dislodged by the earthquake and has slid several inches to the northwest.

The southwest pinnacle of the south transept rotated several inches, and there is significant cracking throughout. The entire southwest corner of the south transept will need to be scaffolded to encase the damaged pinnacle to make the area safe. Then the pinnacle can be examined to determine the full extent of the damage.

The outer flying buttress pinnacles of the transepts have had their top three courses, including the finials, shift off their bases several inches. These courses of stone need to be removed to keep them from falling.