Cathedral Dean Gary Hall and his wife Kathy, married for 35 years, came out in support of the freedom of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to marry as the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments on two historic cases related to same-sex marriage: California’s Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (doma). In a March 26 rally organized by the United for Marriage coalition on the front steps outside of the court, the dean addressed supporters. “The freedom to marry the person you love is not only a Constitutional right,” he said. “It’s a moral right. As a straight man, my church and my government have given me those rights. Those of us from churches and synagogues and temples and mosques gathered today are saying: our faith communities are ready to extend those rights to everyone. It’s time for the government to do the same.”

Early that morning, Dean Hall had participated in an interfaith service preceding the rally at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation. Hundreds of LGBT people, their families, and allies attended the service led by leaders from Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, and pagan faith traditions, as well as Christians from the Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, and Mormon traditions, among others. Attendees processed out of the church to the court singing “This Little Light of Mine.”