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A generous gift of $100,000 from the three Cathedral Close schools—Beauvoir, National Cathedral School (NCS), and St. Albans School—was made in response to the earthquake damage. The Cathedral learned of the gift, “made on behalf of the students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff of the three schools, who are privileged to be part of the Cathedral community,” in a letter from Paula Carreiro, head of Beauvoir; Kathleen O’Neill Jamieson, head of NCS; and Vance Wilson, head of St. Albans.

Other smaller-scale efforts made by students themselves include a loose change challenge at the NCS Upper School in which students will collect donations in sets of buckets for one week with grade pairings competing with each other to raise the most money toward restoration. At St. Albans, the Student Council approved a large portion of proceeds from a fall dance to be donated to the Cathedral’s restoration effort. At its Upper School, students will purchase “tags” to wear, granting them leave to dress out of uniform on a designated “Tag Day.” The funds raised will go to the Cathedral. Even a sibling pair of Beauvoir students in pre-k and second grade classes sent a donation from proceeds of their summer lemonade stand.

Additionally, alumni of both NCS and St. Albans who are members of a D.C.-area rock band held a fundraiser for the Cathedral to support the Cathedral’s restoration. The event raised nearly $1,000, and an additional concert is already scheduled. Many more efforts are underway, reflecting the unity of the Cathedral Close in support of its inspiring edifice. The Cathedral is deeply grateful for all forms of Close support.