Whether you’re the first generation in your family to love the Cathedral, or the fourth, planning a bequest is an easy way to make the Cathedral part of your personal history. Over the years, bequests to the Cathedral have provided essential funds for renovation, insightful programs, and critical ministries for people in need—as well as a flourishing center for inspiration and art. You can join Kate by using your individual retirement account (IRA) to make a simple deferred gift.

Naming Washington National Cathedral as a beneficiary of an IRA account will accomplish a charitable legacy while realizing significant tax savings. Just contact your IRA trustee or custodian and complete the IRA Designation Beneficiary form. It’s as simple as that. When you have finished, please return the form to your plan administrator and notify the Cathedral.

An IRA is also an excellent vehicle for an outright gift. The IRA Charitable Rollover was extended through December 31, 2013, as a provision of the American Taxpayer Relief Act. This rollover allows individuals age 70 1/2 and older to make direct transfers totaling up to $100,000 per year to qualified charities, without having to count the transfers as income for federal tax purposes. Contact your IRA provider to learn their procedures.

For more information, contact Marilyn Kochan at [email protected] or call (202) 537-5747.