“I Am Born”

So begins one of my favorite books. As a grade-schooler, I loved “Classics Illustrated” comics, and, most of all, the Classics comics version of David Copperfield. I was very excited to find the whole, real (and heavy) book in my Christmas plunder one year. My delight soon turned to dismay: it wasn’t what I was familiar with—only one illustration (not even in color), and it was more complicated and harder to read than I expected. I wasn’t ready for it. A couple of years later I tried again; after only a few pages, I marveled at how much better it had gotten! It dawned on me that the book hadn’t changed; my ability to understand it had. During Advent we try, again, to grasp what it means that Christ shone into our world as one of us, for all of us. We retell and rethink the story many have known since childhood. And each year I welcome the opportunity the season provides, to try to comprehend more fully what still can seem ungraspable—the coming of the inexhaustible Gift for which I am always not entirely ready.