The Psalm 119 expresses the desire to learn and love the rule of life: from the Holy Word we hear from the beginning, the voice to which our attention turns, and to which we respond, in our words and actions.

We learn gestures to communicate what we understand, even before we learn to speak. Sign language can express many responses, even for a baby who has learned what gesture “says” the word for thank you, more or finished. The language of our culture comes later, when our tongue and ear work together. This is our physical development ladder, but those first gestures respond to the wholeheartedness of the relationship established with “others.” It is not first about rules, but about gestures, and wholeheartedness and “becoming like children,” as Jesus taught and showed us, with tenderness.

The spirit of tender love touches and heals, and endures because it KNOWS the voice of love, and my response to that love includes others. My response becomes more nuanced, the more I learn from “the teacher” who has the words of eternal life.

Lord Jesus Christ, teach us to listen and respond from heart to heart, with joy and with wholehearted thanksgiving, in gestures and words inspired by your Spirit within me. Open my understanding and willingness to respond to your holy voice, spoken and read, and meditated and in each other you give us. No exceptions.