Advent Reflection on Psalm 16:6-8

My boundaries enclose a pleasant land;
indeed, I have a goodly heritage.

I will bless the LORD who gives me counsel;
my heart teaches me, night after night.

I have set the LORD always before me;
because he is at my right hand I shall not fall.


When I read this psalm, I imagine myself standing at the edge of a beautiful meadow, absorbing the news that “all this is mine.”

All this is mine, not because of my merit, or because I have earned it, but because the boundaries have fallen along pleasant lines and I have received it, as a gift of grace, an inheritance simply for showing up in the light of God’s love.

So much bounty, given and received for nothing, provokes profound gratitude and a sense of debt to the universe for such good fortune.

Now what will I do with all this abundance?

It is a short step from gratitude and indebtedness to inspiration to share the joy that grace endows, to propagate joy to others by embodying it in our own lives.

Lord, help me see the abundance in my life and to rely on it to fuel my efforts to touch others’ lives with joy.