Reading:  Psalm 119:49-72

This morning’s readings struck me, as they may many of you, namely because they begin with the idea of hope and promises made and kept.

There is so much hoping and anticipating during Advent, both spiritually as we honor this time of reflection and consideration, and in the modern celebrations that accompany our holiday preparations: hoping for snow; hoping for Santa; and if you’re me, hoping you won’t burn the Christmas cookies!

In the reading, however, hope is not only what keeps us afloat in stormy weather— “this is my comfort in my trouble,” a reminder and promise of better, long-awaited times ahead. Hope is also a gift in the present; to feel hope is also to delight in life as it is now.

At present, it could be easy for any person to remain “filled with a burning rage” at whatever modern wicked foresaking we see. But as our Presiding Bishop eloquently spoke this past Sunday, to hope is to meet our questions; our frustrations; our rage; our cynicism; our assuredness with the greatest force of all: love.

May your Advent be full of hope, for the good that is to come, and for the love you have within you —to hold and to share—at this very moment.