Advent is about waiting. And waiting means being patient. Many of us during this time of family gatherings and holiday events are—often impatiently—preparing for the arrival of cherished guests. We clean our house, we decorate, we make the beds, we buy more groceries than we need, we wrap presents, we clear our calendars. And then we wait. We do all these things out of love, but also because we worry about what our guests will think and feel. Will they know how much we love them? Will they be comfortable? Will they judge our home or hospitality?

What would we do differently if we knew in our hearts that our anticipated guest loved us no matter what we prepared externally for him? Regardless of how clean our house was, how well-stocked our pantry was, or how elaborate our decorations were? How would we spend that time and energy preparing ourselves for his arrival? How would it feel to patiently wait with the faith that we are enough just as we are?