Members of the Cathedral Congregation, Cathedral clergy, and staff offer a meditation each day during Advent.

Advent 1

The Rev. Dana Colley Corsello: We have to get our acts together and clean away the residue of sin.

Advent 2

The Rev. Harvey E. Bale: Yes, Advent prepares us for our exodus journey to the eternal Canaan.

Advent 3

Greta Arnold: During my first Advent in America, in 1949, I learned that Santa Claus came on Christmas Eve.

Advent 4

The Rev. Canon Preston B. Hannibal: There are always reminders of the awe and wonder of this holy season.

Advent 5

Carol Janus: During Advent we prepare ourselves to celebrate this gift symbolizing forgiveness and redemption.

Advent 6

Xavia Arndt Sheffield: He has already come. He has already given us eternal life. He has promised to come to us again.

Advent 7

E. Claire Jerry: Maybe this season will seem more like Advent and less like a cultural experience.

Advent 8

The Rev. Sally Slater: God continues to reach out to us as a loving parent continues to reach out to her child.

Advent 9

Kathy Wallman: So much bounty, given and received for nothing, provokes profound gratitude.

Advent 10

Tracy Dieter: In the Holy Land we wait and watch in hope. And we walk and watch with people from all over the world.

Advent 11

Maggie Gunther Osborn: I choose love, generosity and faith as I await the coming of the Lord.

Advent 12

Paula Mays: We spend the season preparing for a beautiful and perfect divine encounter.

Advent 13

The Rev. Rebecca S. Myers: In such times, the Psalmist finds safety in God. God is the strong rock.

Advent 14

Julie Collins: Human life with its joy and pain and messiness is unreservedly embraced by Jesus.

Advent 15

Matthew J. Eldred: This penchant toward the impulsive can make my efforts to connect with the Divine strained.

Advent 16

Chepi DiCalogero: I am stepping out into the world with God surrounding me and no fear, for he is always with me.

Advent 17

Shanda Cooper: Listen and wait in silence for the One who oils your squeaky heart with gladness.

Advent 18

Charlotte McKnight: How would it feel to patiently wait with the faith that we are enough just as we are?

Advent 19

Father Tom Murphy: This is why Thomas needed to see the body, the flesh of Jesus to believe.

Advent 20

Chris Cannedy: Take this moment to truly thank God for the gift of Christ his son: The Light of the World.

Advent 21

Jaime Colman: Waiting asks us to open ourselves to hope and to the possibility of disappointment.

Advent 22

Libby Taggart and Jeff Taggart: As with the Sequoia, great faith in our life does not grow into fullness quickly.

Advent 23

The Rev. Harvey E. Bale: Do not love someone as we love ourselves, but as Jesus loves us—totally.

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