WASHINGTON, DCThe Very Reverend Gary Hall, dean of Washington National Cathedral, was interviewed by the Episcopal Church Foundation’s “ECF Fellows” program as that program turns 50 this year; Hall himself had been an ECF Fellow, which allowed him to pursue his doctorate in American literature from UCLA beginning in 1983. The following are a selection of highlights from the interview, published April 21 by ECF.Gary Hall West Rose

Dean Hall on Leadership Formation in the Church

“What we really need are people who can size up congregations, size up a community, and who can really work in groups. […] Communities can be leaders, too, and we need people who can lead communities in a kind of shared leadership, rather than dynamic pied pipers.”

Dean Hall on the Future of the Episcopal Church

“If we want a dynamic, growing future, we’ve got to face into and embrace the emerging multicultural reality of America. […] We have a grand history of mission, but your basic parish doesn’t have a toolkit to be proactive about going out and engaging people.”

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SOURCE: Washington National Cathedral